Dragon Mahjong 2

Dragon Mahjong 2

Description of Dragon Mahjong 2

Excellent Chinese game is now available to you online. Many improvements have been made for you to enjoy the time spent playing Dragon Mahjong 2. The changes touched various game types: the number of complex characters was reduced for a more convenient game. If you want to try something new, try to solve complex tasks where you can experience your intelligence to the fullest. Everyone can play this game for free and even without registration. The tips available during the game will help the beginner understand all the subtleties and strategies.

How to play online Dragon Mahjong 2 in full screen

You need to choose one of six layouts and collect identical pairs of bricks to win. The game is controlled only with a computer mouse, and you do not even need a keyboard. You should get points, which depends directly on how quickly you collect all the pairs of bricks, but if you manage to find a pair of bricks in 11 seconds, you will be credited with extra points. You can compete with your friends in the number of points scored and check who is the best.

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A screenshot of the game Dragon Mahjong 2

Dragon Mahjong 2

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