Chinese Bones

Chinese Bones

There are so many games that people just do not realize. But a game like Chinese Bones was probably heard by many. This game is quite excitable and it was born in China. Four people can play Chinese Bones at once. Chinese Bones are also called Mahjong. The main goal and purpose of the game is to find as many identical cards as possible on the same surface, and then click them until they disappear. The cards can depict anything, but more often, you see animals such as a panda and a lion. Try to play this free game online and collect as many pictures as possible, and then you will become a winner.

How to play Chinese Bones properly?
A certain big figure is made of bones, and it must be disassembled during the game. If you manage to disassemble it, and there are no cards left, you will undoubtedly become a winner.
To remove the figure, you need to remove the bricks alternately. It is also worth noting that not all paired bones are identical. For example, pictures of the seasons fit this description because pictures of winter, spring and summer will be the same and can be safely removed.

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A screenshot of the game Chinese Bones

Chinese Bones
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