Jong-jong is a famous game that originates and spreads throughout China and Japan relevant. The game is not complicated at all, but on the contrary - it is simple and exciting. The main task is to find the same pictures, match them and disassemble a large figure in such a way, which was built previously.

Jong-jong is usually played by four people, and everyone plays for himself.
The game originates in China, but nobody knows who invented it. There are some versions, but they are in no way proven. Someone says that the famous philosopher Confucius invented it, and someone argues that the soldiers of the Chinese army were playing it in the breaks. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to focus on this. The most important thing is that such a game exists and many people know about it.
There is another rule when you remove bones or pictures. You can remove the free bone when nothing lies on it. But if it is clamped with cards on both sides, you can’t remove it according to the rules.
Try to play this game in full screen and see that it is interesting and exciting. The most important thing is to collect as many pictures as possible. As soon as you succeed, you become a winner.

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A screenshot of the game Jong-Jong

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