Mahjong Without Time Limit

Mahjong Without Time Limit

About Mahjong

The Far East is the birthplace of outstanding cultures and traditions. Naturally, the amazing game Mahjong was born there. Mahjong is more than a game; it is a whole philosophy, fascinating and not like anything else. In Japan, where they are more than serious about this game, there are special organizations that develop and promote this type of activity. There are significant differences in the rules of the game - the official Chinese and modern Japanese. This game is like a deep meditation. Playing it, you forget about time and space; your mind becomes flexible and sharp, and all anxieties and worries fade into the background.

Online Mahjong game without time tracking

Most importantly, since this game is completely free, you don’t need to look at your watch — you can spend as much time on your completion as you wish, go back, canceling a move you have already made, and even restart the game level. The developed menu offers you any help in the completion, and you need to take only one, the most important step - to start!

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Mahjong Without Time Limit
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