Funny Mahjong

Funny Mahjong

Funny Mahjong online

Nowadays ancient Chinese logical games are very popular. We present to your attention the famous Chinese puzzle called Mahjong. This exciting game can interest people of any age. You will need to find paired cubes and use the mouse to remove them. At first glance, it is quite easy. But it is allowed to remove only those pieces that are located at the edges of the row. It requires agility and ingenuity. Of course, it is worth risking and testing your observation.

The funniest Mahjong in full screen

Once upon a time, there lived fabulous heroes who invent a variety of stories. And they got in a rather difficult situation. Mostly peaceful mood citizens live in their kingdom, who did useful affairs and led a measured life. Everything changed at that moment when one monster decided to become the main one and put civilians in cages. Of course, no one wanted to sit in cages, and some residents tried to escape from the monster. But the monster invented the cannon firing nets. Of course, players can save them, who, thanks to their dexterity and wit, destroy all the networks of the enemy.

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Funny Mahjong

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