Mahjong "Bones"


This game has been popular for many years. It appeared a long time ago and didn’t lose its former glory until today. But the current version is even more advanced, interesting and colorful. The main idea is to find identical pieces, which should be removed according to the rules.

The player is faced with the task of gradually disassembling a rather complex and voluminous figure, which consists of different bones. Everyone can play such a game right now - just turn your computer on and find it on the Internet. It does not require any registration or additional authorization. Everything is very simple, besides it can be opened in full screen. And it will allow you to perceive the whole process of the game better.

Mahjong “Bones” is a type of game that is designed for one player. It is very similar to an ordinary card solitaire, but the pieces are made in a slightly different style. For some reason, when many people hear the word “Mahjong”, they immediately perceive it as a gambling version of the game. It isn’t so because it is solitaire and nothing else. You can play this free game in full screen on our website right now. Don’t waste any second! Good luck and have fun!

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A screenshot of the game Mahjong "Bones"

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