World's Cities Mahjong

World's Cities Mahjong

World's Greatest Cities Mahjong

World's Greatest Cities Mahjong is a game with twenty different bones, and if you are a fan of traveling around the cities and watch their attractions, this game is for you!
Each layout of the bones has its city, and to see the beauty of this city, you will need to remove all the pieces. There are no restrictions in time, and this game has a mode of highlighting the bones available for removal, as well the score of remaining bones and the number of moves that change during the game course.

At first glance, the layouts in Mahjong will seem simple to you, but they are not so easy!

Besides the usual "pyramid" of mahjong, you will have to experience new levels of oriental fun: there will be layouts for a time, finding unpaired bones, as well as an exciting interpretation of card solitaire.
Assemble puzzles in mahjong, win, get points and unlock levels in other cities. You will get a chance to visit fabulous Venice, gambling Las Vegas, mystical London, and romantic Paris. With the help of this Mahjong, you can train the speed of reaction, ingenuity and attentiveness. Play and develop your brain in this free online game!

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A screenshot of the game World's Cities Mahjong

World's Cities Mahjong
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