Mahjong with Butterflies

Mahjong with Butterflies

Mahjong with Butterflies
We offer you to play the best games of this year on your PC again. You may have tried this Mahjong before. And if not, we will tell you in short what are the rules. So, in order to accomplish each task, you must remove paired identical cards from the panel. Herewith, you can remove only the so-called available open cards - all those that are located on the edge of the panel and do not overlap with other cards. First, try to cope with Mahjong with Butterflies. Such a game can be considered as a true collection, as there are a lot of types of butterflies here.

Mahjong with Butterflies - play online
The original name of the game is Butterfly Kyodai. The world of butterflies amazes with its charm and beauty, refinement and variety. It seems that all possible colors of nature are collected here. Your main task is to combine butterfly wings. If the choice is made correctly, the wings are combined. After that, a wonderful butterfly appears and immediately flies away.
You can control the game using a computer mouse. Click the left button to remove identical butterfly wings. Make the right choice, and the butterfly will fly away.

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A screenshot of the game Mahjong with Butterflies

Mahjong with Butterflies
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