Mahjong "Butterflies 2"


Mahjong "Butterflies 2"
Mahjong "Butterflies" will be the ideal option for those who like to play the game and rack brains. This game is available to any Internet user, does not require registration and is very interesting not only for children but also for adults.

Mahjong "Butterflies 2" is a game with history
Mahjong Butterfly is one of the versions of the well-known Mahjong games. The main goal is to collect all the identical wings, which will lead to the release of such beautiful butterflies. The game developers obviously spent a lot of time because the butterflies fly away very effectively at the end of the game.

Passage of Mahjong “Butterflies 2"
Almost everyone who played Mahjong knows the rules of the game, but this version has some amendments. The creators had limited time to complete the game, namely, the player is given 5 minutes to release all the butterflies. If the player does not succeed, he starts to play from the very beginning.
To connect the butterflies, you must first select one pair of wings and then the identical ones. It is recommended to remove all repeating wings that lie next to each other first.

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A screenshot of the game Mahjong "Butterflies 2"

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