Mahjong "Butterflies 3"


Description of Mahjong “Butterflies 3"
Mahjong “Butterflies 3” is a game that is different from other Mahjong games. The essence of the game, as in the rest, is to choose the identical elements, but you should rather connect the same wings of butterflies. As a result, butterflies come to life and fly away. An interesting game plot and excellent quality will not allow you to miss this free game.

Mahjong “Butterflies 3"
At first glance, Mahjong “Butterflies 3" may seem simple and even childish, due to its bright and colorful design. But this is exactly what attracts gamers. You will pass the levels, increasing in its complexity. Each level has a specific time, but it will increase in case of successful matching of the necessary elements.
You will be given 3 chances to correct a difficult situation. The hints will facilitate the search for the right options. Since the game complexity increases by the end of the level, try to save the hints for as long as possible.
When playing full screen, you can get an inexpressible pleasure. We are glad to note that the Mahjong “Butterflies 3” is completely free and available to all users.

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A screenshot of the game Mahjong "Butterflies 3"

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