Connect Mahjong 3

Connect Mahjong 3

The goal of the popular online game "Connect Mahjong 3" is to clear the panel by removing all the pieces of Chinese dominoes. The game got its name thanks to the main rule, which says that you can only get rid of the bones that connect with a conditional line. This version of solitaire includes 30 levels. The Tower of the Great Wall of China becomes a place where the winner gets.
You must complete one level in three minutes. By removing a pair of bones, the player gets extra time as a gift.
In order to start the game, you need to press “Playgame” button, which is in the lower right corner.
The complications arise in the form of dominoes that flash and distract your attention in the upper left corner.

The Rules of Connect Mahjong 3

It is required to search and remove identical domino pieces, which are located on one line or in a nearby space next to it. You may remove bones, which are connected by means of a straight line, or a jogged line at right angle, without affecting the remaining bones.

Functional features of Connect Mahjong 3

The developers have left a little surprise to solitaire fans in the form of obtaining a secret password by each user who has completed the game. It is available without registration and completely free.

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A screenshot of the game Connect Mahjong 3

Connect Mahjong 3
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