Pet Mahjong

Pet Mahjong

Pet Mahjong is a kind of game that is fairly easy, but some efforts are still needed, so you should not relax.

How to play this game? Everything is quite simple. Various animals that must be removed are placed on the panel. Animals can be not only domestic. It is necessary to find a pair for each animal.
If there are no more pictures of animals between these pairs, then the pair will disappear. The main objective of the game is to remove all animals from the surface. There is one hint that will help you to cope with the test. This button will allow you to use a magnifying glass. You can pause the game, but as soon as you do this, the panel with pictures will disappear, so you will not be able to peep.

Online Mahjong with pets

This game is a little different from the usual games of this kind. More precisely, the rules and conditions of the game are slightly different. The task is to remove all identical bones. If you manage to cope with three pairs quickly, you will receive a reward - a bonus in the form of a glowing piece. This bonus will give you an additional hint. Bu if you are confused and do not know how to act, you should use the bonus and shuffle the bones. It won’t affect your bonuses.

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A screenshot of the game Pet Mahjong

Pet Mahjong
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