Mahjong "Dreams of Pets"


Mahjong "Dreams of Pets"

Doubling difficulties: cute and very funny pets should meet their soul mate. A nice bright game for the guys continues. The game stimulates the children's ability to research and allows them to think logically. The toy contains the fusion of 2 similar illustrations with animals, and they are hidden in this way. Thus, this toy is suitable for kids, so they will need to elementary compare pictures. All this will help the children to develop concentration, attentiveness and seriousness, which will undoubtedly facilitate their work in life and in school.

How do you feel about pets?

How to play Mahjong "Dreams of Pets" full screen? All sorts of home and not quite home pets are naturally placed on the background. You should identify similar pets, and and if there are no other animals between them, they are removed. You should remove all animals. The time interval can end very quickly, and then you have to start all over again. But do not despair, we have a nice gift for you, which will undoubtedly contribute to overcoming the difficulties. This button with a magnifying glass gives you the opportunity to see a hint about pets that can be removed. You can’t cheat. For any hidden pair of pets prizes are available. The number of prizes depends on the speed. Therefore, it is worth hurrying. Good luck!

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A screenshot of the game Mahjong "Dreams of Pets"

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