Mahjong Royal Towers

Mahjong Royal Towers

You dream about participating in the most authentic knightly tournament, but you didnt wield a spear and dont know how to ride a horse? Do not worry because such remnants of the past no longer matter. Echoes of antiquity are captured in locations, outfits, and other chivalrous attributes. As for the bones, it is a completely different thing!

The tournament field is the very first location. After you tell about yourself and show all the knightly skills, you will be able to get the keys to such halls and territories: refectory, throne room, armory room, and the royal garden. The most important quality in this game is the reaction speed because it determines the number of points received and bonuses.

The main goal is to remove the golden pair of bones that have one picture from the field at first. The number of moves matters. The following rule can be traced: the fewer steps taken, the more points awarded!

However, solving the puzzle is very difficult - complication occurs during the passage of the game. This online Mahjong is great for those who prefer quick thinking and strive for memory development. You can play this free game in full screen on our website. Dont waste any second! Good luck and have fun!

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Mahjong Royal Towers
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