Fish Mahjong

Fish Mahjong

It is a very specific type of mahjong, where the rules of the game are very different from the standard ones. To disassemble the pyramid, you need to look for a paired piece not in the mahjong pyramid itself but in the lower part of the screen where the fish move various pieces. When this panel is filled with pieces completely, your life is taken. 3 lives are given for one game. If you want to remove extra pieces from this panel, there are 2 containers at the top of the screen - they remove pieces within 4 seconds. It is very important to use this function actively so that the panel with pieces is always the least filled.

Besides, the game Fish Mahjong offers a small arrow, and when you click on it, the fish with pieces accelerate. If you want to use a hint, the game has a piece with a crown pattern. After you take it, the pieces you need are highlighted at the bottom of the screen for a while. This online Mahjong is great for those who prefer quick thinking and strive for memory development. You can play this free game in full screen on our website right now. Don’t waste any second! Good luck!

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A screenshot of the game Fish Mahjong

Fish Mahjong
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