Mahjong "Lay out the cards"


New online mahjong "Lay out the cards" will pulverize devotees of logic puzzles and fans of traditional card games. Universal appeal "Pyramid" сconsists of the usual cards that should be folded in suits and kinds, as in famous Solitaire.

The essence of the game

An ordinary deck of cards is folded into a classical Chinese pyramid, where top cards that are not embedded by others are available for removal. Cards are removed according to the suit and in order from two-spot to ace.
-The more correctly folded cards, the more points
- Shuffling allows continuing the game when there are no moves left
- You can use the hint when it seems that the game is over
-The number of available pairs of cards for combining is displayed
- The countdown counter shows how much time is left before the game ends

Users who have ever played classic mahjong will appreciate the game "Lay out the cards ",because there are no unfamiliar Chinese characters; you should not only find two pairs of identical pieces but collect a ranked row of each suit. The game will help develop a good memory and attentiveness, as well as have a good time.

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A screenshot of the game Mahjong "Lay out the cards"

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